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Every superhero needs a break, let us give you one.

Who We Serve

We are a non-medical in-home care agency that provides respite services at the referral of local regional centers. We provide services to individuals with developmental disabilities which includes toddlers, children, and adults.

Our Goal

Whether you utilize our care providers or your own person, we want to ensure you have a smooth and hassle-free experience utilizing your respite services. We want to ensure you have access to all of our resources as easily as possible. We understand you may have many home care options and we are thankful that we are an option for your family. We strive to provide peace of mind and give you a well-deserved break.

Female child laughing and playing with bubbles outside

Respite Care

Providing relief, like you deserve.

In simple terms, Respite Care provides much-needed relief from caregiving duties when you're looking after a loved one who requires frequent supervision and care. Individuals who have an intellectual or developmental disability (as defined under the Lanterman Act) have unique needs and challenges that may not be able to be fulfilled by a conventional babysitter. Caring for a loved one with an intellectual or developmental disability can be hard work. Pacific Homecare Services partners with Regional Centers throughout Northern California to provide temporary non-medical care and supervision in the client's own home. This allows the primary caregiver to take a well deserved break and renew their energy.

Benefits of Respite Care

  • Allows time for errands and appointments
  • Minding household tasks and needs of the family
  • Spending quality time with other family members
  • Time for self care and relaxation
  • Tend to the client's needs and usual daily routines in the comfort of their own home
Male child playing with Legos on the floor
Female care provider giving piggy back ride to female child

Respite Care Providers

Whether your person or ours, you'll always be in good hands.

Respite Care can be provided in one of two ways - by a trusted individual who is selected by the parents, but who has also met specific criteria or through a trusted Pacific Homecare Care Provider. All of our care providers undergo specialized training that equips them to work with children or adults with unique needs. Whichever option you choose for your loved one, we are here every step of the way to make this process as easy and hassle-free as possible.

Our priority is to simplify this sometimes lengthy process as much as possible and ensure your family receives the care and relief they deserve.

If you are interested in Respite Care services but are not sure if your loved one qualifies, please locate your nearest regional center. For your family's convenience we have provided links to the Regional Centers we serve below.

Regional Center Services

Pacific Daycare Services

Currently offered to Regional Center of the East Bay clients.

One of the most difficult decisions parents make is determining who will care for their children in their absence. At Pacific Daycare Services, we understand the unique needs of families who have children with intellectual and developmental disabilities, and our compassionate approach keeps them at the center of our work. Whether you use Employer of Record Daycare (EOR) and select your own care provider, or you use Full-Service Agency Daycare, we remove the stress and simplify the complexities of this important decision.

Pacific Daycare Services welcomes families who are taking advantage of the resources available to them through the Regional Centers. We work closely with Regional Center staff, case managers and service coordinators throughout the referral process to ensure that we find the best match to meet the unique needs of each family.

For more information on Pacific Daycare Services, please click the link below!

Two children playing with blocks at a child’s table

Our Solutions

Our knowledgeable care providers at Pacific Homecare help our clients thrive with healthy and nutritious food choices. They are also able to accommodate any dietary or medication restrictions, helping to prepare delicious meals that are personalized and always well-balanced.

We offer sibling care at a very fair price when siblings are cared for with a regional center consumer. We offer this for siblings ages 3-11. This allows families to have the peace of mind that all of their children can be included in care so they may truly take a break.

Our compassionate and fun Care Providers are constantly coming up with new ways to keep your loved ones engaged in stimulating and sensory-friendly activities. Whether that be reading their favorite book with them, coloring, or doing any of their favortie activities, our Care Providers are more than happy to engage with their clients in whatever makes them happy and comfortable to promote learning opportunities and mood enhancement.

Our attentive staff is here to help our clients with their personal care needs and mobility assistance to promote healthy living where individuals are able to thrive. No matter the need, our care providers ensure that our clients feel healthy, prepared for the day, and well taken care of.

We understand that knowing your loved one is safe from harm and taken care of while you are taking care of yourself is the greatest relief. Our highly trained and checked Care Providers are the perfect solution to your worries. Our staff's first priority is assuring that your loved one is looked after for the entirety of their time together, so you can feel secure. Your peace of mind is our priority!

Our Care Providers understand the needs of our clients are very unique. With that, the importance of meaningful care is second to none. Our care provider-client relationships are built on respect and loving companionship in order to foster and maintain the highest level of support and compassion.

Female care provider putting bicycle helmet on female child
We got an amazing care giver through Pacific Homecare. The Care Provider we got was easily the best around. We trust her completely and our child loves her!
Maryanne Shaw

Mother of Client

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