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No matter what you are healing from, we're here to help.

Who We Serve

Pacific Homecare provides non-medical in-home care to clients of all ages who require assistance with basic living needs. We are proud to provide caretaking services to senior citizens, veterans, developmentally disabled children and adults, post-surgery individuals requiring short-term care, new mothers, and individuals with Alzheimer's, Dementia, Multiple Sclerosis, and other degenerative illnesses. Our client’s loved ones will rest easy knowing their family member will be provided with care when and where they need it.

Our Goal

Whether it is temporary or long-term care that is required, our staff will work around the clock to provide 24/7 support. Our goal is to make sure our clients can live the best lives they enjoy and that any family caregivers can rest. In doing so, we make sure our clients and their loved ones thrive in every aspect of their lives. To ensure everyone involved feels fully supported and cared for, Pacific Homecare offers an extensive list of personalized in-home care needs.

Female care provider cutting an apple in the kitchen on a cutting board

In-Home Care

Personalized approach, always.

We understand the many decisions that will need to be made when it is time for you to find in-home care services for your loved one. Whether it is for a spouse, child or family member in need of care, Pacific Homecare will help you every step of the way by offering professional and personalized service. We are dedicated to providing you peace of mind while ensuring your loved ones get the best care to meet their unique needs.

We work with quality care providers, including multilingual individuals. Our care providers ensure that they spend time with each of our clients to best assess their needs and interests. Each client is promised to be taken care of by our fully insured and bonded care providers, as well as our knowledgeable administrative staff. This personalized approach is guaranteed to create a detailed plan of care and a customized care experience for all clients and their loved ones.

Hospital to Home

Pacific Homecare Services is proud to offer our thoughtful and innovative Hospital to Home Program to improve the transition from hospital to home and reduce re-admission of our clients into the hospital. When patients are discharged from the hospital, external factors often prevent them from fully recovering once they return home. These factors make it difficult for patients to adjust back into their daily life, thus increasing the risk of re-admission. Individuals that use the Hospital to Home program will be sent home with a competent Pacific Homecare Services Care Provider that will ensure the member has their medications (if applicable), arrives home safely, and can be left at home under the care of a trusted family member or friend. Once the Care Provider ensures that the client has been made comfortable in their home, a member of our administration staff will conduct a thorough and detailed assessment of the client and their home environment. Through this unique process, you will receive a personalized care plan for the client and their family to utilize, making it a stress-free and thoughtful experience for everyone involved. No matter the time or day, we are here to support you.

Female care provider holding onto crutches and sitting with male client conversing on the couch

Our Solutions

Our knowledgeable care providers at Pacific Homecare help our clients thrive with healthy and nutritious food choices. They are also able to accommodate any dietary or medication restrictions, helping to prepare delicious meals that are personalized and always well-balanced.

Transportation is key to a well-balanced and independent lifestyle. That is why our staff is here to assist with transit to and from medical appointments, recreational activities, and special events. From assistance with light housekeeping, running errands, shopping, and any other chore around the house, Pacific Homecare care providers are well equipped to help our clients complete any task efficiently.

We know the importance of safe and effective medication use. That is why our care providers help schedule and carefully monitor the administration of any medications our clients need.

Our attentive staff is here to help our clients with their personal care needs and mobility assistance to promote healthy living where individuals are able to thrive. No matter the need, our care providers ensure that our clients feel healthy, prepared for the day, and well taken care of.

Whether it is day or night, our care providers are here to provide around-the-clock support. We specialize in temporary or long-term care, including weekends and holidays. With access to respite for family care providers and a database of multilingual care providers, Pacific Homecare is here to provide flexible care when and where you need it.

Female care provider helping elderly woman into the car
I can not begin to express in words how much I appreciate our Care Providers. Their hearts are truly beautiful, the care and compassion they provide to our Mama is undeniably beyond perfect. I am grateful to Pacific Homecare for choosing two of the most amazing individuals. They truly have given us peace of mind knowing she is in such wonderful care. I just can't express my gratitude in words.

Daughter of HCPP Client